pet friendly gift wrap with bone

Ok.. we know you've got questions, let's see if we've got answers.

What is this stuff made of?

Paw Paper is made from edible wafer paper. The same stuff that's used to print Disney Princesses on cakes and make those little flying saucer candy things with the beads in them (remember those?). Wafer paper is made with potato starch - a major ingredient found in almost all grain-free dog food. Our potato starch comes from the Netherlands and is 100% all-natural and is wheat and gluten-free. We also use FDA-approved edible ink and natural animal flavoring that's used for both pets and humans. The flavoring is even mixed with a soybean and flax seed oil product that's formulated for healthy pet coats. So we give the paper an extra dose of various omega numbers and vitamin letters which are all great for your pet. We list each and every one of our suppliers with links to their websites too. So if you want to know more, go check them out. 

diagram of how Paw Paper is made

Is all that stuff safe for my dog to eat?

Absolutely. Everything listed above is FDA approved and/or AAFCO compliant. Again, the bulk of our product comes from potato starch which is used in the vast majority of pet foods on the market. In fact, some pet food formulas are up to 30% potato starch (sources available in either MLA or AMA format, your choice). Obviously Paw Paper alone is not a sustainable source of nutrition, so you can't replace it as pet food or as a daily treat (disclaimer). 

Bonus Question: Uhh, what is AAFCO?

AAFCO works with the FDA to help regulate pet consumables and is responsible for a lot of the disclosures and labeling you see at the pet store

Ok, I bought it. Now how do I use it? Do I need tape?

Paw Paper is very close to the consistency of regular wrapping paper, just a little more textured and a little oily. You can crease and fold it like you would normal wrapping paper and since it's water-soluble, you can either lick it or lightly wet your finger (or a sponge) and rub it on the edge to get it to adhere. The flavoring we use is designed for both pets and humans, so putting your mouth on this is not the same as licking a milk bone. We've actually eaten a lot of it during testing (although technically not for human consumption). Just lick it like a stamp or dab water on the edges to bind the seams.

My dog has a potato allergy.

First of all, that isn't a question, but we get it a lot so we'll field it anyway. Many pet breeds have a sensitivity to grains and certain starches. This is why the pet industry has moved away from grain-based foods in recent years and began using potatoes as a major carbohydrate source. If you currently feed your pet a formula that contains potatoes, then this product should not have any added effect to their sensitivity. If they're on a strict diet, then you might want to consult your vet before trying it. We can tell you that our corporate mascot, Franklin the goldendoodle, has a lab-verified potato allergy and he's been our guinea pig throughout product development. Happy to say, he's doing just fine. We've also done extensive testing on a variety of dogs and haven't seen anything that would suggest this product isn't safe for sensitive stomachs.

Again, consult your veterinarian if you have any allergy concerns before trying this, or give your pet a small sample to see how they react. 

Same question, but with gluten.

No vet needed on this one. We've got you covered. Our product is gluten-free!

 How long does the paper last? Does it expire?

Wafer paper has a shelf life of 2-3 years. It won't go bad in the sense that it's not edible, but it might get slightly more brittle and could tear more easily. Paw Paper comes in resealable bags so you can store whatever you don't use for the next gift giving event. Once you use it to wrap something, the paper will be fine for months but the scent might start to fade over time. The flavoring will be there, but if you're going for maximum excitement, it's best to wrap the same day you're giving them the gift.

Can I use this on my hedge hog, tea cup pig, wallaby, <insert exotic pet>?

We have absolutely no idea. We're pretty transparent about what goes into our product and everything is FDA and AAFCO-compliant. We're not telling you that you can't, but we didn't design or test this product with them in mind. So if you try it on your emotional support hamster and they love it, let us know!

Why don't you have more options for wrapping paper designs?

Give us a break, we're new here. We're definitely planning on adding different design options but for now we're just keeping it simple. Join our e-mailing list and we'll let you know the very second we add something to our collection.

I forgot my dog's adoption anniversary and it's TODAY!. Where can I buy Paw Paper the old fashioned way?

Well, you might be sleeping on the dog bed tonight because we're pretty much exclusively online right now. So unless you live in the Chicagoland or Washington DC areas, where we work with a few small retailers and vet offices, you might need to pay the two-day rate and hope Coco accepts your apology.

I just took this awesome video of my dog DEMOLISHING their Paw Paper wrapped gift and I must share it with the world. Are you on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, or that new thing that everyone is using?

Yup we're out there, but you have to come find us. #PawPaper. Follow us on the social media platform of your choice and be on the lookout for our random giveaways. Anyone that would think up edible wrapping paper for pets obviously wastes in inordinate amount of time watching pet videos online, so we definitely want to see yours! The best ones will get a little something for the effort... Don't worry, it won't just be more wrapping paper.

What if I have more questions?

Tough, this thing is already a scrolling nightmare. Just kidding, you can ask all the questions your little heart desires by typing them into these boxes.

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