We came up with the idea for Paw Paper after several failed attempts to get our dogs to open their Christmas presents. Gifts like chew toys, kongs, and bones don't have a scent and pets just don't get excited for wrapped presents like we do. So every holiday was a chore to get them to open their gifts like the rest of the family.

That's when we decided to create something that our pets would actually want to open.

birthday wrapping paper for dogs

Paw Paper is essentially a treat outside of a treat. We took all-natural wafer paper made from potato starch and covered it with natural flavoring that is made specially for pets. What's left is a packaging that's completely safe for dogs and smells and tastes like a treat. The paper is water-soluble so you don't need any tape! You can lick and stick or put a little water on the edges.

Pet Friendly Gifts wrapped

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