2021: The Great Reset (for Paw Paper!)

You might have been watching Netflix during quarantine, but we've been hard at work making Paw Paper even better! Just in time for the 2021 Holidays... Not only do we have brand new fancy packaging but we've made some serious improvements to our product as well.

  • We've reduced the thickness of our paper to make it easier to work with and give it that "melt in your mouth" quality.
  • We improved our flavoring by switching over to the culinary geniuses at Alpha Chef using their awesome pawesome pet food topper (available in Beef, Chicken, and Vegan)
  • We're also working to reduce the ink content of our designs. Don't worry, it's all edible, but nobody likes stained paws or blue tongues (no offence, Chows).

If you loved our product before, you're sure to love it even more now!

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