Paw Paper – Edible Wrapping Paper for Dogs

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Paw Paper is the world's first 100% edible wrapping paper made specifically for dogs! It's made with all-natural potato starch, natural flavoring, and edible ink. There's also no need for tape! It handles just like regular wrapping paper but just get the edge wet to seal! The flavoring is sure to get your dog excited to open their gift and also adds an extra treat.


roll of dog wrapping paper being cut

Unroll and cut sheet to necessary size using scissors, like normal wrapping paper.

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dog wrapping paper gift

Add gift and fold, like normal wrapping paper.

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Apply a small Amount of water to the edges. No Tape Required.


Veterinarian with dog

The holidays can mean lots of exciting fun things, but that often means danger for pets that may not know what is going on. As an emergency veterinarian, I see pets eat anything and everything they shouldn't, which can result in expensive or dangerous health problems. It is nice to have one less thing to worry about with this paper. It dissolves fast and is made from safe ingredients. If you have any pet that tends to chew on things they shouldn't, or you are wrapping a gift that may smell too tempting for your furry friends to wait till the holiday, this is what it should be wrapped in!

Nelson Bricker, DVM
Daughter with dog

We are so happy to have found your product on Amazon. We have two pups and have always gotten them a stocking for the holidays and filled it with their toys. This year we will be putting some under the tree Christmas Eve and letting them find them so they are not left out while the kids are opening theirs. The pattern is great. It is the cutest wrapping paper we will have this year. Apparently it tastes great because we had to let them try it out already by wrapping a rawhide for them.

Samantha Cole
Dog happy on birthday

Delivery was fast. The product looks even better than on Amazon. Plus apparently it drives a dog crazy. It doesn’t smell that strong to me, but a dog’s nose knows. I got home from work, put the package on the table and went upstairs. When I got back down, my dog, Samantha, was sitting by the table staring longingly. Her birthday is next week so she will have to wait. My daughter can’t wait to wrap her presents. 

Mike Evans